February is JACQUE WILKE MONTH at Imagination Entertainment

Jacque Wilke Imagination Entertainment
Feb 5 2014

Say Hello to Imagination’s Luminous and Lovely Jacque Wilke

It's the month of LOVE and we admit it, we have a love affair going with our own Jacque Wilke. Yep, it’s the truth, this girl is a keeper.  We’d like to share a little bit about this exceptionally fun and talented young woman.

Jacque is an accomplished actress and comedian (that’s pronounced comed-ee-anne, it’s French you know), so here are some fun little eclectic tidbits about our girl that you may or probably may not know.

Jacque grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. She was competitive from an early age. Her brother and some of the neighborhood boys used to like to race their big wheels in the driveway and Jacque wanted to play; so her mom and dad tied her walker to the garage door (she was only age 1) and let her go as far as the rope would take her.  She was the winner on the short course. There may have been some deals being cut in the backyard between dad and the boys, but hey, you can’t argue with a photo finish!

Jacque has a great work ethic and has held several interesting jobs over the years. She started working for her grandmother when she was six, helping to groom horses and muck out stalls. Nebraska was never big on those pesky child labor laws and it wasn’t like she was being paid. It was humbling and we’ll just call it a gateway job to the rest of these interesting occupations.

Moving up in the equine world, at 15 she was paid to collect urine samples from horses for the Nebraska Racing Circuit until she joined show business as most of us know it: at sweet 16 she was a waitress at IHOP.

Then there was the Jiffy Lube National Customer Surveyor, where Jacque stayed in character and tried different accents depending on which part of the country she was calling. So here’s the deal, if you call here and you get someone with a thick accent from the Bronx or a Southern belle…you know who it is, just call her by her name!

Once she moved to Hollywood, she worked at a pizza parlor that shall remain nameless in between auditions, where she was instructed to always give free pies to the guys in jogging suits and heavy gold chains. It's so "L.A."!

Jacque is REALLY honest! Well under 21, Jacque went to get a fake ID.  When they asked her for the age, she gave them her actual age. So…..Jacque ended up paying for a fake ID that showed her true age. Now that’s something to impress your friends with, a fake ID that says you’re 18…..cool! Sorry no refunds kid!

Prom Princess, Junior Miss Nebraska contestant and she is as lovely as she is smart and funny. Jacque is always making us laugh with her comic routines and she is still a working actress. We think she will be famous someday; don’t forget who your friends are Jacque. Stay tuned for local theatre productions where Jacque will be performing: Blithe Spirit at Moonlight/Avo Playhouse opening in late February and keep an eye out for a show at with Intrepid Shakespeare Company sometime at the end of March.   Jacque Wilke in the house! Give it up folks! 

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