Sam Trego Remembers Life "Behind the Candelabra"

Liberace and The Young Americans
Jun 6 2013

When Sam Trego was asked about the new HBO movie about Liberace, and his experience performing with the legend at the Las Vegas Hilton, he remarked "Watching this film brought back fond memories of my time on stage with this incredible, gracious and talented star. But I have to admit, HBO should have called us to get the story right! Lee was horribly misrepresented in the movie, but I did find it interesting how they did acknowledge the importance of Lee's association with The Young Americans in his life story.  We co-starred in the Liberace show in Las Vegas, Tahoe and on tour.  This was a very difficult time in Lee's and Scott's relationship and it seems back then we couldn't turn the corner without the press asking us about it.  I felt bad for Lee and the unimaginable pressure that the press put on him.  Lee was a kind and generous human being that was not only incredibly talented, but shared a magical relationship with his audience in a way very few super stars ever have.  He loved working with undiscovered young talent, and our cast of 60 were honestly like putting 60 Broadway stars on stage with Liberace... the energy was truly astounding and the audiences went crazy.  You have to remember... there was no mega shows at every casino back then like there are now.  Our show at the Hilton and Jubilee at the MGM were the biggest cast shows in town.  You had the star power, along with the big production numbers performed in a style that only The Young Americans could bring.  But I have a lot of problem with how HBO portrayed Lee, and The Young Americans for that matter.  The scene where the dancers representing us was like a bad SNL skit... like a bad caricature of The Young Americans.  We never performed the song they used in the movie and we did not wear red, white and blue costumes like that since the 70's.  I guess the importance of that scene in the movie was the significant relationship that Lee had with fellow cast member Carey James.  We had a lot of fun performing in "Liberace & Young Americans" in those days and I am grateful that I still get to work with the current cast of Young Americans that are so rich in show business history."  Pictured here is "Uncle Lee" with the Cast of The Young Americans with Scott Thorson at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.  Looking at this picture, one can really see that too much of a good thing... is WONDERFUL!

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